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Lights & Accessories

18 Watt Vishal Panel Light – Surface (Square)
Rs. 670.00 Rs. 536.00 Save 20 %
18 Watt Vishal Panel Light – Conceal (Square)
Rs. 488.00 Rs. 390.00 Save 20 %
Trishul Panel Light - Conceal - 12watt (Circle)
Rs. 375.00 Rs. 300.00 Save 20 %
Trishul Panel Light - Surface - 12watt (Circle)
Rs. 445.00 Rs. 356.00 Save 20 %
5 Watt Vishal Bulb (B22)
Rs. 125.00
9 Watt Vishal Bulb (B22)
Rs. 185.00
7 Watt Vishal Bulb (B22)
Rs. 155.00
9 Watt Vishal Bulb (e27)
Rs. 185.00
3 Watt Vishal Bulb (B22)
Rs. 110.00
50 Watt Vishal Bulb (e27)
Rs. 1,535.00
40 Watt Vishal Bulb (e27)
Rs. 1,030.00
30 Watt Vishal Bulb (e27)
Rs. 780.00
26 Watt Vishal Bulb (e27)
Rs. 565.00
Vishal Bulb (e27) – 22watt
Rs. 470.00
15 Watt Vishal Bulb (e27)
Rs. 325.00

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Get best quality Lights online in Nepal from We have wide selection of lights online range from: ceiling lights, dome lights, panel lights, rope lights, strip lights, tihar lights, flood/ lights, street lights, bulb lights, track lights, tube lights, garden lights, torch lights and many as per your requirements

Lights online in Nepal

Light is very important for our daily basis, whether indoor or outdoor. We have selection of lights for both. Lights suitable for outdoor use are: Flood light, garden light, street light and road lights. These lights are wind proof, water proof and Dust proof. These lights are mostly used to provide spots during the nights. Lights suitable for indoor use are: Spot lights, panel lights, tube lights, bulbs, track light, and many more these lights are used for day to day purpose. All these lights come with and without warranty.

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