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Tihar Lights

10 Meter Rope Light with Connector - multi colour
Rs. 1,800.00
100 Led Multi Coloured Rocket
Rs. 150.00
92 Led Mix Colour Tihar Lights
Rs. 130.00
28 Led Christmas Lights
Rs. 150.00
100 Led Green Body - multi colour
Rs. 175.00
200 Led Mix Colour- black body
Rs. 270.00
92 Led Light - blue colour
Rs. 140.00
100 led Tihar Light - multi colour
Rs. 140.00

Buy Tihar lights for best price online in Nepal

Get the best quality of Tihar lights at to decorate your home and outdoors for the festive season.During tihar the entire city is decorated with lights beautifully. You can get varieties of lights at hardwarepasal to enhance the beauty of your house to attract Laxmi goddess of money. During Tihar,LED lights are lit inside and outside the houses to enlighten the night and brighten their house with the help of tihar lights.

An abundance of multi-colored LED lights is available at hardwarepasal. The first choice, when it comes to Tihar lights, is LED lights. From the traditional diyos, people have opted to use LED lights more recently. These lights have double-filament bulbs; they last longer and consume less electricity as compared to normal lamps. Among the lights that are most in demand currently are rope lights, pipe lights, starlights and decorative lights.

Decorative Tihar lights for home

The colorful Tihar lights are used for decorating the house; these lights enhance the beauty of your house and make it welcoming.The rainbow color lights make the city look more energetic and vibrant. Specially children are more enthusiastic for this festivals of lights. As the trendy and bright color helps to brings more positively and prosperity during this festival.

Different types of tihar lights available at

There are various types of tihar lights available at hardwarepasal at the most reasonable price in Nepal.

Top selling lights during Tihar are:

  1. Rope light

Rope lights are waterproof lights used for decorating indoor and outdoor areas. Currently most of the restraunts are using these lights to decorate their trees, garden and bar area. These lights come in verities of colors. Mostly used colors are warm, white, blue and RGB. You can find rope lights for price at our website.

  1. 92 led lights

These lights are generally small in length due to which people having a one story house tend to use 92 led lights to decorate the house. These lights have 92 bulbs it comes in single as well as multi color.

  1. 100 led lights

100 led light are used for decorating the house it has 100 bulbs which consists of multi and single color. These lights make the house look more attractive and vibrant.

  1. 200 led lights

These lights are longer in length due to which tall buildings are decorated with 200 led lights. In this light you will also get male and female connector to add more lights directly to it. It is also available in both multi and single color.

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